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CILT Nigeria conference to focus on sustainable innovations in logistics, transport  

At the heart of the forth-coming national conference and Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT) Nigeria are discussions aimed at addressing the repositioning of the nation’s logistics and transport industry, as well as ensuring it measures to global standards.

The event scheduled for 12th Oct., 2022 in Lagos, with the theme “Sustainable Innovations in Global Logistics and Transport,” plans to have the International President, Paul Saint House, in attendance.

Speaking at a news conference, Prof. Kayode Oyesiku, Chairman of CILT Nigeria 2022 National Conference and AGM Planning Committee, said that the conference expects to have stakeholders and business leaders, policy makers and the academia in attendance.

He highlighted that the event “will encourage multi-disciplinary networks and provide platforms for academics and professionals to identify and examine the challenges, as well as proffer effective solutions for national logistics and transport operations.”

Oyesiku said the conference would comprise various technical sessions where subject-matter experts would lead conversations primarily interrogating the future of logistics and transport operations in Nigeria.

His words: “There will be, especially within the context of a rapidly changing service environment, technological innovations and extensive planning dynamics that characterise logistics, transport and supply chain at the present time.”

He spoke on the importance of logistics in the economic development of nations, saying “the Logistics Performance Index (LPI) of nations is now the yardstick for measuring their economic resilience and competitiveness.

“Wherever the LPIs are weak, the economy is vulnerable and susceptible to uncertainty and high business risks. They are categorised as having poor education and healthcare systems as well as poor social welfare and security framework.

“Therefore, given the observed socio-economic phenomena in Nigeria from recent past to the present, the conference, through the combined cognitive interaction of professionals, practitioners and the academics, anticipates the adaptive measures that policy makers, thought developers and operators are required to embrace for sustainability and competitiveness, internally and among the league of allied nations.”

Remarkably, the event would feature exhibitions of transportation and logistics products from cognate industries and sectors. The CILT said it would be an opportunity for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for industry stakeholders and gives an excellent platform for networking.

Also, the national council has programmed a technical guided tour with delegates going to the Lekki Deep Seaport and Eko Atlantic City for on-hand observation of the building, operations and management, to share their strategies for present success levels and future plans.

“We intend to deepen the practical aspects of improving the observed gaps in the sector and enhance the resilience of the vast industry through applied methodologies,” CILT said and added that “The idea is to generate sufficient interest in stake-holding parties to motivate attendance.”

Meanwhile, Oyesiku explained that 22 experts with various books in various modes of transportation are expected to address the research concerns to be presented, including “the issue of sustainability of logistics and transport, energy transformation, and integrating the technological aspects of logistics and transport (for the first time), among others.”

He said that with regards to research aspect, the CILT normally harvests research articles, particularly from the tertiary institutions, plus a large number of industry professionals who are also conducting research on their own, in order to ensure that CILT in Nigeria conforms with global standards and trends.

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