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2023: “Benue is for you,” APC Chairman assures Amaechi

Chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Benue State, Hon. Austin Agada has declared total support of the State’s delegates to former Minister of Transportation, Rt. Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi at the forthcoming Presidential primaries.

Agada made the disclosure at an interactive session organized for delegates of the party with Presidential Aspirant, Chibuike Amaechi in Makurdi, the Benue State Capital, on Thursday.

Speaking on behalf of the delegates, Hon. Agada said their decision became necessary following the sterling leadership qualities of the former Transport Minister.

He said: “Sir, we have heard from you, we want to tell you that even before you came, we know you. We want to appreciate your kind gesture to the Benue people in a very special way for supporting our sons. I want you to know that the Benue people love you so much and it is important you know this fact because while in your travails in Rivers State as Governor, it was as if it was happening to us here in Benue.

“Benue people ordinarily like a bold person, a fighter, someone that has what it takes to bring a new dimension as far as leadership is concerned. So, you are an attraction to the Benue people and that supports the fact that while you were in those travails, you fought for justice for Nigerians.

“We want you to know that Benue State is for you and that under your watch, your leadership as the then Director General of President Buhari’s Campaign Team, you did all you could to showcase a new kind of leadership for Nigerians. You have proven to Nigerians the stuff you are made of.

“As Speaker you made your mark, as Governor you made your mark, as Minister you have done your best for Nigerians and as President to be, I know you would do far more. I want you to know that Benue is totally with you considering the fact that you have us in mind and I also want you to know that this State is your second home. Feel free because the number of people working for you day and night in Benue, you can only imagine. Be rest assured that we are with you in prayer,” the Chairman said.

Speaking to the delegates, Amaechi said he would draw from his leadership experience to serve Nigerians. He made reference to how he tackled insecurity in Rivers State, and appealed to the delegates to vote for him because he knows the problems of the country and would proffer solutions to them if elected.

“When I became Rivers Governor, there were only two hundred Doctors in the State, but by the time I was leaving there were six hundred Doctors. Doctors didn’t have cars, by the time I was leaving I had bought six hundred cars for six hundred Doctors.


“By the time I left as the Governor I had employed 13,200 teachers and we did not employ Rivers people alone, we employed Nigerians. We did that because we needed to create an alternative to crime. The moment we fixed the economy, it gave people the opportunity to find productive work.

“Roads were constructed, we built flyovers, we gave scholarships to poor people’s children to study overseas and we gave each local government area twenty per cent and non-indigenes got twenty per cent too. The next thing we did was to arm the Police and the Army and we equipped them and we fought the criminals. I am telling you this story because I told you that I am tested and trusted. So, vote for me because I am the most qualified,”Amaechi said.


MAY 19, 2022.

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