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The tide changed, but we survived:  Captain Ishola shares life at sea experience

In this edition of our programme ‘ Life at sea’ a former president of the Nigerian Association of Master Mariners(NAMM),  Captain Adewale Ishola, shares his experience in what would later become his last time at sea sailing!

Mariners may not know what each voyage holds for them at sea, but whatever the experience; the sweet story is that of survival, however tough it may have been.

“At every stage in life at sea, I had one experience or another. But, glory to God that I am still alive,” Captain Ishola shares.

Engaged for what he loved doing, the Captain gentleman, sometime in 1989, took a ship with cargo from Calabar, Nigeria and headed for India.

He never knew that the cargo was one with many troubles as they had been sold to three different parties.

When the crisis began, the Captain and his crew got caught up in dwindling consumables and he faced the situation as much as he could, just so that they survived, At the same time, he held on tight to the vessel in his care, which was arrested.

He ended up staying back in India for 18 whole months and on his return to Nigeria, he took a decision that changed his story totally.

Three keynotes younger seafarers should hold on to for success at sea

1.You need to be steadfast in your job.

2.You need to know your responsibility and that you have a name to protect

3.Your professionalism must be intact.

Enjoy the chat.


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