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Akinsoji’s thoughts on 7 Nigerians sent to jail in Togo for piracy

Seven Nigerians convicted!!!

After reading the report on some Nigerians who were sent to jail by a court in Togo, over a case of piracy (See here), I will like to leave a few points for thought.


  • Merchant vessels deserve innocent and peaceful passage on the seas.


  • Togo that we may consider a smaller country is taking appropriate sovereign step even against our nationals for infringing on their integrity.


  • I hope our authorities will be humble enough to be serious at attending to the root cause of the menace.


  • Let the authorities think of the ways of creating opportunities to divert the attention of Nigerians who may have the tendencies of leaving shoreline to a more difficult environment, the seas for livelihood adventure.

Olu Akinsoji is a marine engineer of international recognition, a former DG, Government Inspector of Ships and Nigerian APR at the IMO.

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