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Akinsoji’s thoughts on NPA’s efforts at effecting truck electronic call-up system

By Olu Akinsoji

We need to congratulate NPA for this overdue positive action. Surely the truckers and citizens working and living around the ports will be happy, even some of us who feel uncomfortable at the sight of trucks and tankers on Bridges and roads.

We hope that this noble action will mature and be part of the permanent solution to the age-long gridlock the Lagos port access roads.

The port management needs all the necessary support to achieve a successful and durable call-up system. As a member of the Port Consultative Council, my humble contribution is:

1.NPA should endeavour to make public the locations of the Parks, the capacities and facilities at each of the parks.

2.A regulation covering all aspects of procedures should be made for the administration of the call-up system. This will allow the duties, rights, privileges and punitive actions against abuses to be known by all concerned.

NPA until my last reading, has the power to make regulations through the Honourable Minister for matters of this nature.

It is an administrative activity that needs the enabling powers of the Minister. He hardly uses this power!! It will provide the necessary foundation for good administration: resource application and for the enforcement of procedures to achieve stress-free durable call-up system.

I wish all concerned the best.

Olu Akinsoji, is a Marine Engineer and Pioneer Alternate Permanent Representative of Nigeria to the International Maritime Organisation (IMO), London. He was Director General, Government Inspector of Ships.


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