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Shipowners want zero piracy after GMSC, says indigenous shipowner, Aminu Umar

An end to piracy and other crimes at sea are the necessary actions that shipowners are interested in, after the talks and agreements for collaborations among the states of the Gulf of Guinea, as a strategic approach against piracy in the area.
Indigenous shipowner and Chief Executive of Sea Transport Group, Nigeria, Alhaji Aminu Umar, expressed his views on the ultimate desires of shipowners in Nigeria.
Umar said that after attending several sessions at the Global Maritime Security Conference (GMSC) recently, put together by the Federal Ministry of Transportation, the Nigerian Maritime Administration
(NIMASA) and the Nigerian Navy, he was convinced of a new workable approach to dealing with the problem of piracy and armed robberies at sea.
He noted that the resolution for collaborations among the states would address a critical problem, because perpetrators often found safe havens in other states after committing a crime at sea in another place.
“Based on the discussions in different sessions of the GMSC, we have seen a lot of inter-regional collaborations between the Nigerian Navy and the other navies of West African nations.
“This is a very good development, because we are always transiting these coast nations. And we have realised in all the attacks is that ship owners are usually the first to suffer the attacks of the pirates,  and we see sometimes that they take a vessel and move its jurisdiction.
“When that happens, you notice that the navies cannot do anything, because the crime is committed in Nigeria and the pirates are so smart that they move the vessel to a little bit further down another country.
With that, it means the Nigerian Navy cannot go there and the other foreign navy of the country that is close by cannot come there as well. So, the discussion on collaboration is a good development,” Umar said.
The shipowner , however added “ Well, I think it always starts with the talks. We are now looking forward to when the actions will start. As shipowners, we are watching. So, we want to see the action, moving
the talks from paper. We want to see a reduction, in fact zero piracy. This is what we love to see in the nearest future.”


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