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Navy arrests 14 suspected oil, diesel smugglers

Navy has arrested 14 suspects for allegedly smuggling adulterated diesel and
“black oil” to unsuspecting consumers in Rivers State, an official said.

Executive Officer of Nigerian Navy Ship Pathfinder, Capt. Samuel Garba, spoke  while parading the 14 suspected smugglers before reporters in Port
Harcourt, recently.

said the suspects were caught while trans-loading adulterated diesel and black
oil from 12 large wooden boats into nine 33,000 litre-capacity trucks.

to him, the suspects were arrested in three different raids carried out at
suspected illegal bunkering sites in Marine Base, Rumuolumeni and Eleme

said: “In the first raid on September 16 at Horly Kings Waterfront at Marine
base, our patrol team arrested nine suspects while trans-loading petroleum

were caught lifting substances believed to be stolen crude oil from eight
wooden boats to six trucks stationed within a yard at the waterfront.

addition, a Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) stacked with N1.95 million belonging to
one of the suspects was confiscated.”

noted that the troops also arrested one suspect for allegedly trans-loading
stolen diesel from two wooden boats to a truck on September 17 around Yesin
Waterside area of Rumuolumeni.

executive officer said the wooden boats were discharging the adulterated diesel
to the truck, which was stationed 100 meters from the site, before the seizure.

third raid was conducted on September 27 around Sand Fill at Eleme. There, we
caught four suspects in the act discharging substances suspected to be black

suspects were discharging the petroleum product into two 33,000 litre-capacity
truck stationed nearby before their arrest and seizure.

14 suspects, 12 wooden boats with products and nine trucks were detained to
enable the (naval) base to conduct preliminary investigation,” he added.

handed over the 14 suspects, diesel and oil to operatives of the Nigerian
Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) to conduct further investigation and
possible prosecution of the suspects in court.

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