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Greek Seamen to strike on Sept 3

The Panhellenic
Seamen’s Federation (PSO) confirmed it would stage a 24-hour strike on Monday,
September 3.

The decision was made after a meeting with shipowners on  August 29th failed to meet workers’ wage increase requests.

The union is seeking a 5 per cent increase for ferry crews under a
collective bargaining agreement as it deems the hike is long overdue since
there were no wage increases for eight years.
As disclosed, the shipowners offered only  1 per cent wage
Responding to the strike announcement, the Greek Shipowners
Association for Passenger Ships (SEEN) said the suspension of services would
affect 180,000 passengers, 50,000 private vehicles and 3,000 trucks, causing a
serious problem for both tourists and transportation of goods.
With regard to PSO’s wage increase demands, SEEN offered to renew
the collective agreement under the same terms as despite significant cuts in
other sectors due to economic troubles of the country Greek seafarers’ wages
remained intact.
Ferry operations are expected to be fully suspended on Monday.
Passengers whose trips got cancelled due to the strike are entitled to full
refund and are advised to contact their travel agents.
The strike will start at 6.00 local time, the union said.
World Maritime News

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