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Rolls-Royce, ABP and Svitzer partner up on next-generation Port technologies

Engineering company Rolls-Royce has teamed up
with port operator Associated British Ports (ABP) and towage operator Svitzer
to develop the next generation of port technologies.

The three parties inked a memorandum of
understanding (MOU) during a workshop at ABP’s Port of Southampton.
As explained, the agreement means that
Rolls-Royce will work with ABP and Svitzer, part of the Maersk Group, to
develop the innovative technologies and systems needed to operate efficiently
and sustainably well into the 21st century. The companies will focus on
digitization and Ship Intelligence solutions.
“New technologies emerge all the time which
offer us exciting, additional capabilities. ABP is always looking to make these
new technologies work for us and our customers. Where a solution does not yet
exist, we will work with companies of the calibre and expertise of Rolls Royce
and Svitzer to invent them and bring them into service,” 
Mike McCartain, ABP’s Director of Marine & Compliance, commented.
“We are confident that we can work together
with ABP and Svitzer to deliver the technologies that will keep the UK
competitive in the future,”
 Kevin Daffey,
Rolls-Royce, Director Engineering & Technology and Ship Intelligence, said.
”We are pleased to share our expertise within
maritime services with heavyweights such as ABP and Rolls Royce, in our joint
pursuit of safer and more efficient port operations through technological
 Lise Demant, Global
Chief Commercial Officer of Svitzer, added.
World Maritime News.

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