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Why Justice must prevail for Shola

Abimbola Essien-Nelson is sorely grieved. She seeks
justice for her baby-sister, Mrs Oluwashola Gaska(nee Adefolalu) who was
allegedly murdered in Poland by her husband, Jakub Gaska.

Nobody wants to hear this sort of story about their
loved ones, but Abimbola heard the story in shock and still does not understand
the meaning.

From all that Abimbola shared, she had spoken with her
loving baby sister, Shola, on Dec. 24, 2016 and Shola never mentioned being ill
in any way. By Dec.28, 2016, Jacub called Abimbola to say Shola had died!

Something smelled fishy; Jacub had told Abimbola that
there was an accident, which no details were given, and that Shola got
unconscious and was taken to a hospital (no name mentioned) where she allegedly
died. That conversation was soon cut off.

The story, however, changed when Jacub called again
later that day, to say Shola had suddenly taken ill (nature of illness not
stated) and died at an unnamed hospital.

That taken, Shola’s family appealed to her husband to
allow sometime to enable them process their travel documents, so that they
could be a part of the funeral plans to give her a befitting burial, and at
least, see her remains.

That was not to be, as Jacub puts Shola’s family
through their worst moments. While they made efforts to finalise their travel
plans, and even sent representatives from the Nigerian community in Krakow,
Poland in that regard, Jacub refused anyone to see Shola’s corpse on the ground
that Shola had agreed with him that no other person but Abimbola should see her
remains if she died.

So, Jacub called to say he had, without the family’s consent,
cremated the remains of Shola on January 2, 2017 and interred the ashes on
January 7, 2017.

Abimbola has not just cried ever since, but has been
making several efforts to get justice for her sister. Several women have
expressed solidarity for her on that path.

Human Rights Groups are speaking on the issue and
Abimbola has written a petition copying the Nigerian Senate President, the
Speaker, House of Representatives, the President, Republic of Poland, and other
relevant offices.

I am very certain that Shola did not bargain for this
when she got married to Jacub in 2010. Her family too did not think that this
would happen someday.

Abimbola is in this fight, not just for herself, but
for a reason that will address and likely checkmate this kind of ugly incident.
Marriage cannot be a place for death.

This situation must be demystified, to give justice
for Shola’s worthy life and give rest to her family and all those who truly
loved her and shared beautiful memorable times with her.

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