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APM Terminals readies for container weighing

The Netherlands-based APM
Terminals is planning to provide container

weighing services at 29 locations globally to enable compliance with the
upcoming SOLAS verified gross mass (VGM)
regulations, effective 1 July 2016. 

the new container weighing regulation prescribes that all packed shipping
containers need to have VGM before they can be loaded on a ship for export.
terminal operator is to supply container weighing services to chain partners in
Denmark, Germany, France, Egypt, Russia, Brazil, Congo, and Malaysia, among
The company
says it is in dialogue with local regulatory authorities who are providing increasing
clarity on national rules governing how to ensure compliance. Currently, APM
Terminals is reviewing operational procedures and processes to ensure
compliance with the above mentioned regulation.
APMT is planning to provide VGM data management capabilities in most
facilities through accepting EDI transmissions of VGM information into terminal
operating systems from the shipping lines prior to vessel load planning.
containers received at APM Terminal facilities with a valid VGM are to be
accepted as per current local operational procedures. Those export containers
arriving without a valid VGM are to be generally accepted, but as they are
ineligible to load on a vessel, may be segregated and subject to additional
rehandling and storage requirements, as explained by APM Terminals.
“It is crucial that these regulations are met in a way which
does not create congestion bottlenecks that ultimately impose additional risk
and cost for all stakeholders,” 
Jack Craig, APM Terminals Head of Global Operations stated.
Terminals has a global throughput of over 56 million TEUs across a network of
57 countries.

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