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Mariner advocates increased marine research

 A master mariner, Capt. Adewale Ishola has said Nigeria should improve on marine research in order to explore the hidden resources and economic benefits of the nation’s aquatic environment.

Ishola stated this in an interview in Lagos.

He said the nation’s marine researchers were not doing enough in spite of many dedicated research institutions and the available materials to carry out the research.


“We have a lot of research institutes in the country and we also have NIOMAR (Nigerian Institute of Oceanography and Marine Research) here in Victoria Island.

“They have a research vessel which they just acquired. We are not doing enough. We are not tapping the resources God has endowed us with.

“We are busy chasing shadows and we allow foreigners to take the place where we should be.
“If you are even talking about fishing now; most of the fishing vessels you see around are foreign fishing vessels,
who are now harnessing  our resources and making away with capital flight.

“When you are talking of fishing, what about marine research or what are our resources under the water?
“We are not doing enough, ’’ Ishola said.

He said presently Nigerian marine researchers could not certainly determine the available marine resources.

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