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Dockworkers accuse Nigerian Ports of disobeying tally clerks payment agreement … Claim some stevedoring companies lack ambulances

I am talking to you now, the tally clerks’ salaries have not been paid. We had
earlier issued out a fourteen day ultimatum which has elapsed, but due to the
promise of the NPA management and the involvement of the Ministry of Transport
then, that was why we shelved our strike.

was a communiqué which we signed with them on the payment, and that is almost a
month ago, yet they have not started making payment. We are still keeping our
arms crossed and will react when our patience elapses.”
was President of the Dockworkers Branch of the Maritime Workers’ Union of
Nigeria (MWUN), Comrade Adewale Adeyanju, expressing disappointment on the
implementation status of the recent agreement to pay tally clerks initialed
between the Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA) and union.
of the union members, according to Adeyanju, are yet to get paid.
also raised the alarm that some of the stevedoring companies operating in
Nigerian seaports lack ambulances.
said: “Some service providers who work under the terminal operators at the
seaports don’t have up to date safety equipment. Some don’t even have ambulance
and we are going to picket some of them very soon.
some stevedoring contractors under the terminal operators, which I will not
like to mention their names now, their ambulances are not up to standard. We
are talking about the third parties in the job chain at the seaports, the
stevedoring contractors; they are the ones who are responsible for the welfare
of the workers under them. Some dockworkers work with them, yet their ambulance
is nothing to write home about.
have noticed some of the ambulances are sub-standard and we will be going about
to inspect this safety equipment.  When we go around, we will then make
public the names of the stevedoring contractors who operate sub-standard
equipment at the seaports.”
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