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AMATO threatens withdrawal of truck operations over deplorable port access roads

The Association of Maritime
Truck Owners (AMATO) has threatened to withdraw its trucks from the
port operations if the deplorable roads around the ports were not fixed by Aug.

Chief Remi Ogungbemi, the
association’s chairman, disclosed this in
an interview in Lagos.
He bemoaned the condition of
the port access roads in Apapa and Tin-Can Island and that their neglect had
taken a great toll on their members and trucks.
“The bad roads in Apapa and
Tin-can port areas have made the truck owners lose a lot in terms of spending
to maintain the trucks always.
“We just have to withdraw our
trucks from the roads in protest against the deplorable road condition so that
we do not keep on losing our trucks, and then lives,” Ogungbemi said.
It would be recalled that
AMATO has continuously lamented the deplorable condition of the port access
roads and how it had affected their operations.
It had earlier in August,
called for the fixing of the roads to avert the incessant falling off of
containers from moving trucks, which in many cases had resulted in casualties.

Ogungbemi had also called on
the relevant government authorities to check and regulate the quality of spare
parts and lubricants used for their trucks, as those were critical in truck
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