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Shipping Expert seeks adequate develoment of infrastructure for inland water transportation

Prince Ayorinde Adedoyin
A shipping expert, Prince Ayorinde Adedoyin, has urged the
Federal Government to provide adequate infrastructure to boost inland water
transportation in the country.

 Adedoyin, Managing Director of Peacegate Group, a firm
involved in shipping and maritime support services, made the call in an
interview on Tuesday in Lagos.

He suggested that the business of water transportation
must be done on best practices by clearing the water channels and making the
jetties accessible for safe operation.
“First of all, the channel needs to be cleared, the
waters need to be dredged.
“The right jetties need to be built and building this
means that you need to make it accessible and people will have to be able to
come in, find somewhere to sit, even in some cases, park and ride.
“ You drive from your house to the place; park it,
get on the boat; come back in the evening; you shorten your journey time, that
is key.
“Also, they need to look at the Search and Rescue
issue; is quite important.
“Even if there is an accident, there is quick
response to saving lives; that is also very important.
“And the health and safety, it should be put in place
that people know what they need to do in case of an accident.”
Adedoyin said that water transportation would always
be a big business in Lagos due to the population of people in the state.
He said the inland water transportation was capable of
cutting down the time people spent in traffic for hours. 

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