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Customs Service says under-declaration will continue to attract Debit Notes

 CAC, Apapa, Eporwei Edike
The Customs Area Controller, Apapa Area 1 Command, Mr Eporwei Edike, on Wednesday warned that customs agents should not cut corners in terms of value, quantity and description of goods.

 Edike gave the warning in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos.
He said agents, who engaged in under-declaration, would continue to receive Debit Notes (DNs) to make up for the real value, adding that blanket names were unacceptable in valuation of goods.
The comptroller said giving specific names, size and model was important for proper valuation for duty-payable to be done, saying the service would ensure that government’s revenue were collected correctly. 
“If you do not pay your full duty, we would issue you DN.
“When you cut corners in terms of value, in terms of quantity or in terms of description;
“Somebody may just import a container, then he says he has electronics inside. What is electronics? It doesn’t say anything or maybe somebody says he is importing supermarket goods, what is supermarket goods?
“To us, it doesn’t mean anything.
“They must be specific. Like supermarket goods can be cornflakes, can be soap,  can be whatever that is used in a supermarket. So, we don’t like blanket names. They must be able to specify exactly what they are bringing.
“More often than not, they give half information. And so, with half information, by the time we examine the container, we find information and so what happens?

“Of course, we give DN to recover government revenue, otherwise government would be at loss.
“So, once there is a discrepancy in terms of value or quantity or description, all of that of course, would attract a DN, ‘’ Edike said.
Edike said it was more rewarding for agents to make true declaration of their goods in terms of quantity and description in order to save them time and all the troubles that followed.
According to him, most persons don’t know that, it is better for them to come out clean so that they can save time, because of the additional time it takes us to examine and give DNs.
The comptroller, however, said that during such trade disputes, agents or importers could bring a bank guarantee and, if they (agents) were correct, the bank indemnity or the bond would be cancelled.
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