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Expert urges freight forwarders on use of ICT in business development

Mr Kingsley Ekweariri, the Director of Breakbulk Africa, has urged freight forwarders to make the best use of Information Communication Technology (ICT) to improve their businesses.

Ekweariri gave the advise at a gala night organised by his company  in Lagos for operators in the freight forwarding and haulage sub-sector.

He said:“ICT has a very good role to play for small and medium enterprises in Nigeria because it means companies have access to communicate further.

“When you have access to communication, it helps you to move your business faster, ‘’ he said.

Breakbulk runs business conferences and exhibitions to bring projects to the knowledge of business owners across the world and seek the needed resources for the projects.

Ekweariri, however, said those not regularly reading their mails would not have the full advantage of networking for business development.

“The networking aspect in doing business could be really tough because some people do not read their e-mails.

“People must realise that staying connected via e-mails is a vital part of building global brands.

“A business partner in China would not want to work with someone who would not read his mails because he lacks ICT facilities, ‘’ he said.

According to Ekweariri, Breakbulk Africa has developed conferences and educational workshop models streamlined toward making Africa’s economy more developed.

“The Breakbulk educational workshops and conferences are meant to help businesses get into partnership with companies that can help them grow their business.

“It (Breakbulk conference) is intended to create successful business atmosphere to grow small and medium businesses, which are vital in growing the Nigerian economy and naturally, growing Africa’s economy. ”

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