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Cabotage: Expert tasks indigenous ship owners on cargo freights

Chief Kunle Folarin, the Chairman of the Nigerian
Ports Consultative Council (PCC) on Friday urged indigenous ship owners to take
advantage of cargo freights in the Cabotage regime.

Folarin said that ship owners should build oil and
gas service base, terminals to develop oil and gas operations in the maritime

He said that this would give indigenous operators a competitive
edge in the sub-region.

“It is true that we have the capacity in terms of the
operations that are available to service the oil and gas sector in the Cabotage

“But we have not been talking about the cargo
freights in the Cabotage regime; the trans-shipment operations in the Cabotage

“But specifically, I think indigenous enterprises,
indigenous efforts should also look in outwards, how can we be competitive in
the region and then outside the region?

“How can we take part in the opportunities that are
available within the region?

“For example, Ghana is drilling oil. That supposes
that rigs, platforms will be needed in the operating areas in Ghana.

“Why can’t we show our presence if other countries
are also taking part there?

“We should also develop oil and gas service base
terminals where specific oil and gas operations in terms of the maritime sector
will actually be developed,’’ Folarin said.

He said Nigerians could use their expertise in the
maritime industry in the oil and gas sector in countries like Angola,
Mozambique, and Sao Tome where explorations are going on.
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