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British Council, First Bank Nigeria, GenTalks Creative invest in Nigeria creative industry

 The British Council has partnered with First Bank of Nigeria
 to launch GenTalks Creative, in association with
Generational Voices (GenVoices) to stimulate youth participation in the
articulation of practical growth strategies for Nigeria’s creative industries
using digital platforms.
programme aims to gather ideas on sector development strategies and reinforce
young people’s capacity to participate and lead policy and sector development.
 This project will stimulate solution focused debate and discourse
based on already articulated growth barriers to the Nigerian Creative
 ‘GenTalks Creative: Growth
Strategies for the Nigerian Creative Economy” , the project will crowd
source growth ideas online and curate these into a series of face-to-face
events with participation from key Nigerian Creative Industries stakeholders
and young people interested in the growth of this sector. The project output
will be a green paper which will map out recommendations for the growth of the
sector in Nigeria. The produced green paper will be used to advocate a more
supportive policy framework for the sector in Nigeria.
expertise for the project is provided by Tom Fleming Consultancy, a UK Creative
Consultancy that specialises in research and policy support for the cultural
and creative industries sector world-wide.
her remarks on the motivation for designing and launching the project, Director
Arts British Council, Ms. Ojoma Ochai, stated that  ‘the Creative
Industries in Nigeria with its existing comparative advantage and market appeal
in fashion, music, film and other creative sectors presents a huge untapped
opportunity that Nigeria needs to harness’. She further articulated that ‘when
you consider that the UK creative economy generates 8 Million pounds per hour
for the UK economy’, you can begin to understand the scale of potential we are
talking about.
 Commenting on
the partnership, the Head, Marketing and Corporate Communications, FirstBank,
Folake Ani-Mumuney stated that the initiative is a demonstration of the bank’s leadership
role and continued support for the development of the Nigerian creative arts
industry, as well as the preservation of our rich cultural heritage which would
create employment opportunities and a sustainable value chain within the
 Mr. Reginald
Bassey, GenVoices Project Lead noted that: “Nigeria is yet to reap the immense
potentials that lies within the industry, particularly in the digital age when
content can be delivered through various media”. 
He also noted that the
demographic that contributes to the sector largely draws from younger people,
who also have an affinity for technology, and there are no limits to what can
be achieved for the economy of Nigeria when the industry is properly managed.
 You can join
the conversation to share ideas on the growth and sustenance of the industry by
visiting the online platform, 

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