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Nigeria yet to fully utilise commercial shipping potential, says expert

The huge employment opportunity and other commercial viability that are bound in shipping still remain highly under-utilised, a shipping operator has said.
Engr. Alex Egenti, the Managing Director, Chief Executive Officer of Millennium Shipping, made the remark in an interview in Lagos.
He said that the shipping sub-sector has the potential of creating employment for a generation of young graduates and skilled but untrained youths.
According to him, indigenous shipping development must begin to consider the need for adequate ship maintenance and repair facilities for it to take advantage of the gains associated with sea transportation.
Egenti said in that regard, Millennium Shipping was working to develop a floating dock to take care of the essential service as well as provide employment for many Nigerians.
“We are looking at bringing in a massive floating dock and by the time that dock comes in, life will be a lot easier for Nigerian local ship-owners.
“There will be employment for so many young generations because seaway transportation in Nigeria is at the point of zero.
“There is what we call hoover transportation; it is a kind of sea-bus. The smallest one takes 125 passengers and the speed is about 45-50 nautical per hour, meaning that from here to Ikorodu will be a journey of like
20 minutes.”
Talking on safety of such sea-bus, Egenti said: “She is safe. The hoover never sinks because she is an expander. She expands according to the terrains, she goes on sand.
“The agenda of a shallow draft does not affect a hoover craft because the proportion is in the air, not in the water.
“The idea of debrisin our waters does not affect a hoover craft and the speed is second to nothing.
 “We are also expecting the installation of a pedestrian crane that is able to lift most of these crafts out of the water at a very low rate, put the craft on ground and do all the work you want to do.
“It returns the craft into the water for the craft to find its level going back to its operation.”
He however called for increased efforts at ensuring that removal of wrecks got more effective for safer navigation of the ships.
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