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CCA welcomes Erin Rice to Lagos

CCA Lagos is happy to introduce and welcome Erin Rice to Lagos. She will be working with the team at CCA, Lagos specifically on Asiko, 4th Edition of the CCA Lagos International Art Programme in Dakar in May 2014.
Erin M. Rice was born in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. She studied Art History and Fine Arts at Providence College and in 2010 received a Master’s degree in art history from Tufts University. She currently lives in Switzerland with her husband and is working towards a PhD in art history at the University of Bern.
Her research interests’ centres around the cross-cultural histories of fabric and textiles in Nigeria, and how those textiles have been used by modern and contemporary artists (particularly women artists) in Nigeria since Independence until today.

She is part of an interdisciplinary research group called “Other Modernities” whose work focuses on histories of modernity in the Middle East, Africa and Central America. In 2012, Rice was a grantee of the OYASAF research fellowship program.

During the next four months Rice will be working with CCA, Lagos on the programme ‘Asiko’ during the 2014 Dak’Art Biennale, which kicks off in May, as well as doing research towards her dissertation.

“I’m very excited to return to Lagos for a longer stay. I’m especially happy to work at the CCA, which plays such an important role for the contemporary arts of Lagos, as well as to meet new artists and reconnect with the people I met during my first trip to Nigeria in 2012.” Erin M. Rice
“We are extremely happy to host Erin Rice during her stay in Lagos. It extends our knowledge of African cultural production bringing an added perspective to our core areas of interest and research which has in the past included fashion, dress and identity. We are excited about learning more on Erin’s research into the history of fabrics and textiles.  In addition she will be an invaluable team member as we plan the 4th Edition of the CCA, Lagos International Art Programme in Dakar in May.” Director of CCA, Lagos Bisi Silva. 

Forthcoming in April: Talk by Erin Rice on her research.

If you would like to interact with Erin please visit us at CCA, Lagos.




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