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4 Key Foundations Olivet Academy Offers You!

Registrar, Olivet Academy, Joy Ngwakwe

Time –management
Responsiveness to society

The Olivet Academy offers ‘about life’ grooming. While
its series of teachings help in character moulding and shaping, the academy
maintains its focus on leadership and development training.

Established in 2007 and registered under the Olivet
Bible Church, the academy’s five schools; Foundation Truth Studies; Life
Education Advancement Programm; Life Impact Ministerial Academy; Evangelism,
Missions and Outreach; Life Impact Development have built a burgeoning  crop pf people who have  impacted society positively.  

Serving as Registrar of the academy, sociologist, Joy Ngwawke
shares significant experiences on how foundation of value remains a bedrock for
a hardworking and peaceful society.


The academy evaluates the meaning and importance of
leadership through teachings. These teachings try to build a true understanding
of leadership. While many people erroneously think that leadership qualities
are meant only for people holding positions of authority in formal settings,
the notion is corrected. People are trained to know that each person needs
leadership qualities to be able to act reasonably in their own capacity, be it
at the level of a domestic servant.


The academy has given people, especially the youths,
insights to owning and managing their own little businesses. It trains people
to build up their confidence level to the point of creating little enterprises
and sustaining them over time. The vision for this is to start long-term plans
that will ultimately build business owners than job-seekers who may not
necessarily find one.  

People can’t own and manage businesses on mundane
ideas. They need to align with requirements of modern businesses and that is
one of the key issues that the academy takes handle with respect to capacity


Ability to manage time valuably is key to success! It
is one of the watch words of the academy and it begins right from the training
classes. Students are put through life lessons and they fully understand the
gains and losses of using time positively or negatively.

to society

“Teach even a child the importance of giving something
back to society and the effort of each person will make up the greatest pool for
a sustainable growth,” says Ngwakwe.

Her passion for managing the academy has further grown
following field experiences she gathers from advocating for the less-
privileged in society. She manages a Non-Governmental Organisation called the
Centre for Advancement of Development Rights (CEADER).

CEADER has demonstrated the benefits of giving back to
society.  Over the years it has empowered
young women to be economically independent. Young women who had erstwhile been
on the streets and engaged in prostitution have been given capacity-building training
in tailoring and hairdressing.  

Today, they are profitably engaged in small-scale
businesses from which they make a living.

CEADER also advocates for gender equality. It made a
case for women to be involved in the various Town Hall Meetings in the Ijora
area of Lagos, which helped women who were heads of households to be involved
in the compensation plans by the state government for areas where relocation
exercises were billed to take place.

Besides the academy’s premises in 6th
Avenue Festac Town, Lagos where lectures hold, the academy has extended its
reach through an online advantage. People across Nigeria and outside Nigeria
can benefit from the lectures.

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    This financial blog is much helpful for these four keys for foundation of success. Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Time –management, Responsiveness to society. Thanks for sharing such a nice blog. It is importance of giving something back to society as well.

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