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Fighting The Girl-Child-Battle ( Short Story)

                                Photo credit: zazzi.com.

I have just been delivered of my fourth baby and she is
a girl! She looks so beautiful and very much like her other three sisters. I
love her just as I love her sisters, but I am searching for a place of joy in
my heart.

I don’t want to be deceived that all will be well,
because my husband has been planning on what to do when the baby is born and it
is a male child. He never talked about if the child turned out to be another

I have had some very terrible times with him. On
several occasions he walks into the room and screams just how tired he was of
living in a ‘girls hostel’ with pink dresses and hair decorators flying all
over the place.

It is never either comforting whenever his older
brother comes visiting the family. They ‘gist’ for long hours, like the world were
made for the two of them. I look at them from a corner of my eye and just
pretend to be busy with nothing. My heart faints as I see the spark in his
eyes. As they talk, they ‘sink’ the house in their deafening laughter.  I would usually walk into the room and expect
the traditional line up of things that would follow.

When they are not settled for a football station where
they watch live matches, they decide to go down the road to where I actually
know not. He cries out for someone to come and lock the door and follows it
immediately with ‘woman, don’t worry about food’. The few times I asked why, I
didn’t get a response, so I stopped worrying.

The one I hate the most is when he talks about his
colleague’s twin sons. He wished that he had a similar blessing, and then the
world would be his! He loves their uncommon names; he is excited by the fact
that they boys are taken to the football field with their dad on weekends.

But how is it my fault that I have only female
children? Is there really a fault to cry about after all?  Well, I heard the nurse speaking with him that
mother and baby are doing fine.

  1. Salt says

    I know I can be quite naive but I want to believe that most educated men know whose 'fault' it is if he is blessed with only awesome baby girls. I am naive, right? I know. But to be honest, I think in their quiet moments, the men know. They just do what comes naturally to them and that is to blame the women.

    I wish I could do something to change the cultural mindset of people about this boy-girl issue. But only God can do that. A child is a blessing. boy or girl! I have an aunt in law who had 5 girls. She kept going till she had this 'oh so wanted' boy! She had him. Till date, he has been the 'cross' the whole family has had to carry! Stealing, drugs, the whole shebang! Tell me, is having a boy worth all the trouble in this case?

    For a woman in the situation above, I would just pray to God he gives her the grace to know what a blessing she is, to be the mother to more awesome women in the making. I know it is hard but such women should never see themselves as having a problem at all! I wish they would remember that there are women out there that would take any child, boy or girl. All they seek is a child!

    I can't shout o jare. This topic just irks me…….All that women have to cope with, then this will be one more! If the woman was not a woman ( a girl child) would we even have any talk about child bearing?

  2. onepageafrica says

    Thank you dear Salt. Without women ( once the girl-child), the world wouldn't be complete. And I'm actually sick and tired of the whole girl-boy matter. It is only important that parents give the best to their children, irrespective of their sex. In the case of the woman who eventually had the boy who turned a pain, she would always wish she stayed with her all- girls children and am sure many people in similar situation are feeling just as bad.

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  4. Eya Ayambem says

    The kind of stories I hear and see in Africa eh, I just feel blest that my girls are not treated like second class citizens.

  5. onepageafrica says

    For truly civilized people, the sex of the child is a no-issue. It is only important that children are brought up with good values and sound education.

  6. Anonymous says

    Whether they agree to it or not, a female child is as important as a male child, if not more important than a male child.

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