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All it takes to fix shattered emotions


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Experiencing happiness is worth so much, and nobody in their right minds would desire to have sad times for whatever reason. But truth is that ‘low moments’ creep in sometimes from situation beyond control, leaving people with a feeling of devastation.
It becomes very dangerous to the health to merely ‘wish away’ devastation, when actually there should be an activity to help ‘heal’ the pains. In some cases when people decide not to seek help to get out of an emotional challenge, they subconsciously indulge in eating junk foods or take to alcohol consumption that could further cause degeneration to their health.
In trying to get help however, it is important to note that whatever may have caused the emotional challenge, help often come from talking to people who show care and concern.
For someone passing through ‘low moments’ due to a relationship break-up, help could be sort from a friend who probably knew both parties together, or from a friend who had experienced something similar and was able to get out of the situation by interacting with other people. A conscious effort must
be made to ‘select’ who among your friends to talk to, because a friend who did not get it right after such problem would certainly not give any better advice.
For those who find themselves facing ‘low moments’ due to the loss of a loved one, it is advisable for them to seek the company of friends who could get them engaged especially in out-door activities, to help put the situation behind fast. For some others, getting help could mean a change of location and engaging with a friend who could brighten your moments
From people’s experiences, it has shown that nothing much may be done when friends come in and remain with you. But so much healing takes place when a friend takes you out either window-shopping, seeing a movie or relaxing at a public garden or by the beach.
I simply discovered how difficult it could get when faced with a real-life situation that challenges our emotions when a loved one departs this world. When my brother-in-law passed away on February 14, I suddenly felt empty seeing how devastating the loss was to my husband.
Though I had given my husband every support to bear the loss, I just noticed that I could not do anything meaningful with my time. I was withdrawn and couldn’t write, couldn’t eat but resorted to recalling how sad that day was. In the course of the week, I slept for very long hours until a friend came to my rescue.
My friend talked to me about a number of interesting art workshops and exhibitions that are coming up, and gave me good reasons to make some new collections of pieces of artworks.  I think I really got excited about the upcoming exhibition of one of my favourite female artists who will be showcasing her latest collection by the second week in March.
I know now, more than ever before, that life is richer with good people around you.



  1. Myne says

    Indeed it is. We also lost someone recently and it was a difficult period. I'm glad you pulled through. All the best with the exhibition.

  2. onepageafrica says

    Thanks a lot dear Myne. It was so difficult bcos he was young, loving and truly kind-hearted; not one that anybody would want to lose, but thank God for His comfort.

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