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For loved ones, goodbye blues are better than silence

Gone, but not forgotten: My loving brother, Oroh Orivri

By Obaro

For those we love, we always want to be with all the time. But at some point, a natural need arises for us to be away from each other, and people often find it difficult to say a simple ‘goodbye.’

While separation for a short while is hard, the comforting factor is that the person is only going to be away for some time; probably for a year of two in school or work, and better if it’s only a short holiday somewhere, and tougher when it’s a journey forever.

Memories are powerful; they replay in our mind’s eyes, giving us something to keep and feel, and actually better than emptiness.

I remember how challenging the evening of February 14th was.  A call came in that a loved one was down with fever at the hospital and that he wasn’t getting any better. We embarked on a trip that took us round and about, and finally helpless.

I felt the frustration of talking to a loved one who would not respond even though you sat so close and spoke the best of words. I felt the power of love that wouldn’t let go of a loved one, yet, ‘the sleep’ was sweet; certainly not for the rest of ‘us’, but for him.

He wouldn’t want to be disturbed at this time. His right hand, carefully placed across his broad chest, was like a guard. I stole several looks and muttered several wishes as the driving continued.

Finally, he was to make a stop-over for some time before the final lap of the journey. I felt a rush from my heart to my eyes. I waved and said goodbye, but he failed to respond because it was late and he was hurrying to go and rest— for a lifetime!










  1. Myne says

    He looks so cute. May his soul continue to rest in peace. And may your family be consoled.

  2. dayor says

    I'm so sorry. May his soul find perfect peace. God 'll strenghten your heart. (((Hugs)))

  3. Eya Ayambem says

    Rest In Peace Roro. THIS IS SO SO TOUCHING.

  4. onepageafrica says

    Great thanks to you all; Myne, Dayor and Eya, for your words of encouragement. May this kind of affliction not arise again IJN.Amen!

  5. ZubyMORAH says

    Really touching. We pray that God gives the bereaved family the fortitude to bear the loss. Amen

  6. onepageafrica says

    Thanks a lot Zuby.

  7. Unknown says

    My dear brother I never had the oppotunity of saying a final goodbye but I know u are resting with the Lord. I can never forget the last time I saw u on the 24th of January u were so happy to see me but I didn't have enough time to talk with u. I can't forget your smile as you wished me a safe trip. I cannot also forget your words when we spoke while u lay on your sick bed on the 14th of february. You sounded strong little did I know that was the last time I would talk with you. Your voice keeps ringing in my head even as I'm writing this.
    I know u are better off where u are now. I pray God will grant all of us the fortitude to bear this loss.
    Sleep on my dear brother untill we meet to part no more.
    We love u but God loves u more.

  8. onepageafrica says

    He came, and loved all whom he shared a bond with, and importantly, God allowed him exit when it was his time to. Healing comes by the day and God's comfort will not leave this family.Amen!

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