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The Crucifixion of Abada!

Back in the days when Nigerian women bought Abada( particularly worn by women from Nigeria’sWomen and fashion; whichever way you look at it, they certainly share a bond.
The latest in African designs made with Ankara fabrics have touched the pride of good old Abada material (also called Hollandaise), which was used as wrapper; the once highly-placed fabric made in Holland.
South-Eastern and South-South Regions) it was costlier than the other materials. The designs have names such as tomatoes,
jumping horse, diamond, koso,
twinkling star, and an endless list of other names coined by the women themselves.
As a material of honourable status, women who didn’t earn so much, worked hard and made savings to be able to  afford one, and they continued in that cycle if they belonged to women’s meetings and clubs where they had  to buy any of the Abada designs as  aso-ebi.
For those who couldn’t afford it at all, they were always ‘up in arms’ against their poor husbands. It even prevented some of them from attending town meetings, so as to save their faces from shame.
Back in the village, it was the greatest honour that could be done an old mother, even if they were only going to use them at festive periods.

The good news today is that every woman who wishes can now afford any of those Abada designs.
The cheaper versions of the
jumping horses and cassava leaves of the Hollandaise, now sell for as little as between N2000 and N2500!

This is as against the Hollandaise which once sold for as expensive as N12, 000 and N14, 000.

Rather than have them strictly for wrappers as was the case before now, fashion trends have given them the best of styles in dresses, skirts and tops, pants, hats and even shoes! With this in vogue, that pride attached to wearing Abada died naturally.

You can hardly differentiate them, and importantly, no one is interested in the difference. I learned that some people have decided to ‘keep’ their Hollandaise to follow the flock of the alternative!



  1. Eya Ayambem says

    The original hollandasise can never come down to N2000. Those designs are just what I call High target manufacturers mimicking Hollandaise makers.

    I regret ever buying hollandaise. There is no difference between you wearing an expensive hollandaise mateial and a lady on High Target that has the same designs.

  2. onepageafrica says

    Eya, you need to see how much am reeling off in laughter:-)
    You see, even someone who has the expensive Abada cannot make mouth where over 20 people who have the cheap ones are. Before now, Hollandaise must complete 4-6 in a bride's box, as requirement for marrying her, and the men who didn't have money wept. Today, things have changed and who knows how far cheaper fashion wld take it! ( I beg no be my fault o!-)

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