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In The Spirit Of The Season


Oops! Christmas  is just some hours away. Thank God for the precious gift of life!  
To all of you who have taken time to visit my blog , and those who made contributions  by way of comments, I say a big Merry Christmas and a most wonderful 2013 to come. 
In these barely two months of my blogging, I have realized how important people can be in life’s experiences.  
Rejoice and share the best of the season.  
One special thing to give this


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If you have ever volunteered in some way, then you’ll understand what I’m driving at. From my opinion, volunteerism is top on the list of special gifts you could offer at a time like this. 

When you volunteer doing the house cleaning at the old people’s, not only would you be taking off a lot of stress from those who do the regular maintenance at the home, you‘ll be creating a relationship and leaving an assurance of love in the hearts of the people.  
Besides giving food and clothing items to children at orphanages, spending time with them and helping out with some chores leaves lasting memories of love and belonging. 

And if you ask me, they would remember you first for the time you shared with them, before any other gift. 
Try volunteering today.



  1. Eya Ayambem says

    Thanks Debby, a most wondrous 2013 for you. Your blog is doing great!

  2. onepageafrica says

    Thank you so much for encouraging me.
    (((hugs and big smiles)))!

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