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Gone But Not Forgotten; Mrs Victoria Ozonitsha Orivri


It is nine years gone (precisely December 23, 2003), but our loving mother, grandmother, mother-in-law is still being missed as though she left this world yesterday.
Beautiful in every meaning of the word, she touched many lives positively. ‘Grandmother’, as she was fondly called, was
soft-spoken and expressed an undying loving kindness to everyone who was around her.
She was richly blessed in her trade and she used every of her possession to serve humanity. And my greatest joy for her remains the fact that she lived a dedicated Christian life.
As a cloth merchant at the popular ‘Balogun’ market on Lagos Island, her neighbours loved her in limitless measures, just as did her neighbours at home. Before her transition to glory, she made every Christmas celebration memorable for all with her variety of foods that she shared. 

She was expert in making what we all called ‘Delta Special’; fish, chicken pepper soup with pounded yam; Banga soup and
Ozi; Ukodo and several other delicacies.
I treasure greatly what I learned from her because I felt very much at home with her; it was way beyond a daughter-in-law and mother-in-law relationship. In fact she was the mother who did not give birth to me, and I
was lucky to have experienced her person.





  1. Pamela says

    Wow… She lives in our hearts and I'll continuaally miss her

  2. Enifadhe Joe Orivri says

    Onye Umuolu, my beloved mother, you blessed everyone who crossed your path, you gave me everything i ever asked of you and much more, it's been nine years really ? you still inspire me everyday and i thank the Good Lord for giving me a loving, kind,beautiful inside and outside,best cook i ever known,humble, Unshakeable rock, One-In- A-Billion Mother rest in the perfect peace of the Lord.

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