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Don’t do any of these to your children this Christmas

Christmas celebrations has actually started for a lot of people,  and the children are very expectant of what they’ll get for the
celebrations. Mothers too are planning how to manage their resources so that the family is well provided for. 
But one thing worries me when I remember how some children look in their groups, going visiting from one family or friend to another during the Christmas celebrations.
My worry is not far from  these:
Children in over-sized clothes! The excuse for this is that they want the child to use this outfit for more than one Christmas
celebration or pass it down to a younger one, and inherit an old one from an older sibling.
For shoes, it is just the same problem as the dress. They help the children into the shoes and have them padded with sheets of newspapers.
Some children just have to manage along in wobbling ‘high-heeled’ shoes, and for some others, it is tears in very tight shoes.
Hair wigs on little children! It’s a ‘No, No’.  Please mothers, let the children enjoy being children.
For this Christmas, just don’t give them ‘burdens’ to bear on their heads.





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