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An art patron’s life’s lessons for success

I spent my Sunday evening in a very entertaining way for the first time after so much running around during weekends. It was an exhibition event that took place in the Lagos Museum, Onikan.
It wasn’t my first time of visiting the Museum as I often attend art exhibitions, since I write for the Art Desk in my newspaper. But this was a different experience that actually came from the Art Patron, Chief John Edokpolo whose
special heritage pieces of artworks were being exhibited.
Although Chief Edokpolo has always worked in a different sector of the economy, he  has continued to promote art and culture through sponsorship programmes and patronage. When he was called upon to come and give his welcome speech, his request for all present to take a sheet of paper and pen for writing caught my fancy. 

I already had pen and paper but, wondered what he wanted to do until he said, “This is just to share with you
some life’s lessons on how you can become successful in life. I did not learn it from a school, but from people who I happen to have come across or worked with.”
The good thing was that he didn’t force anybody to take down the tips,
but enjoined those who may find it valuable to take down the notes.
Here is what I got from that effortless lesson:
·      World’s most troublesome troublemaker is Mr ‘They Said’. Who said it cannot be traced.
It simply means that working with rumours rather than facts can cause a person
to remain stagnated.
·        Everyone has an ‘invisible guardian’, but for you to succeed in life, you must work in hand with your feet, which surely should have eyes. The reason is so that you walk with your feet to places where you can find valuable things to do.
·        You need good education. Beyond knowledge gained from the classroom, you must be ready to learn from people you work with and interact with, by doing that, you learn many things that can help develop your person totally.
·        You must fish out detractors and keep them away; least they kill your dreams. You must also carry on the spirit of perseverance.  
 Other words of wisdom are:
·        A dog will defeat a monkey in any battle if it has a godfather; simply put, a mentor will always support you to succeed. 
·        Fortune will only favour the brave.
·        Your first child helps to determine the extent of your progress.
·        Some mysteries of life are from; man’s own mistake, man’s inhumanity to man.
·        The 3 secrets of a successful marriage are; (1) Fidelity (2) understanding (3)Tolerance.
·        World’s number 1 escapist is money! If you like keep it anywhere it will still escape, except it is translated into something that gives back value.

You are free to take any of these that you find useful, and leave the rest.


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