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Art festival goes live for Goethe@50years in Nigeria

The next big event on Nigeria’s art scene is definitely celebrations of Goethe Nigeria 50 years anniversary.
The art community and the general public will come together for the best ever art and culture entertainment and interactions, which will take place at the Freedom Park, Lagos, from December 6-9.
Jude Anogwih speaking during a press chat for the forth-coming event


Daily within this period,  the audience will be treated to the best of  live performances put together by highly creative artists drawn from various art sections including  dances, theatre, photography, video  art  and installation works.
The event is set to establish a shift from traditional art forms of expressing messages prominently through painting or theatre, to physical bodily expressions that are rich with entertainment packed full with content  to serve the purpose of history.
Goethe Institut has enjoyed a remarkable cultural inter-play relationship with Nigeria for this past half of a century, developing up and coming Nigerian artists. 

There had been a wealth of cultural benefits through workshops, art exhibitions, concerts and diverse performances.  No doubt about their introduction of fresh perspectives to how arts and culture can in fact sustain the essence of a people.

Mac-Andre Schmachtel, director of the Institut, says they have continued to work within their mission of creating a common platform for Nigerian and German artists to exchange ideas and foster a common cooperation for the continued growth of the arts.

Beyond promises, Segun Adefila’ Crown Troupe of Africa will be presenting one of its classics titled ‘IPINYA and BARIGA’. As explained, “IPINYA explores the manipulative power of organised invasion of primitive and conflicting

It pictures the psychological and spiritual disintegration of people in their search for individuality and belonging.”
Other performances will include ‘AJIGBE’, the face behind the mask; Jelili Atiku’s ‘PORONGODO’,  Israel Akpan’s
‘ARALOAMO’,  FunnTheatre’s ‘THE POWER PLAY, and a myriad of others.

The beauty of the collect ion of these performances put together for the celebrations  of Goethe Nigeria, lies in the heart of the purpose, to tell the stories of our times and how they shape the future for the next  generation of those who will continue with the Nigeria-Germany cultural relationship.





  1. Anonymous says

    it looks interesting, awakened the art spirit in me, i will be there 🙂

  2. Eya Ayambem says

    Quite interesting. I like!

  3. onepageafrica says

    Surely going to be interesting.

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