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Navy Sailing Club restructures for improved activities

The Nigerian Navy has concluded plans and set new administrative structure to improve on the activities of its sailing club. 

The Flag Officer Commanding (FOC) Western Naval Command, Rear Admiral Mustapha Hassan, said the efforts towards checking the problems of dilapidating structures and negative practices within the Nigerian Navy Sailing Club have started yielding results, especially in the club’s financial situation.

Admiral Hassan who was the Guest of Honour at the 6th FOC race organized by the club recently, said the Navy has boosted the club’s financial status by making honorary members pay an annual sum of N500, 000 each and that ships and naval establishment in Lagos have been directed to pay a monthly levy and subscriptions for their staff to use the facilities at the sailing club.

He said efforts were on to ensure that the Naval Headquarters helps the club financially, and lamented that the club has so many members, but only few were up to date with their subscription.

The FOC lamented that subscription at the club had been N20,000 per annum but many members do not pay their subscription and as such do not want the club to grow, adding that members should show their love for the club by paying their dues to enable her growth.

While explaining that the Western Naval Club had been consistently communicating the club’s need to higher authorities for possible intervention, the FOC said that there is need to amend the constitution of the club to allow lower rank officers hold the position of club commodore.

He said this is important for balance, especially as the present constitution allows lower rank civilians to be commodores.

He also said that there is need to consider retired senior rates to take up club commodores positions as this will help greatly in the effective management and administration of the club.

Admiral Hassan said he was encouraged by what he witnessed during the boat race, as these have motivated him to put in more efforts towards upgrading the club standard.

His words: “We are all aware of the concerning states of the club’s platforms, which is caused by the non-renewal of boats and the negative practices that have affected the club’s overall management. We have however taken corrective steps to fix the situation and these measures have started to yield positive outcomes particularly in the club’s financial situation.

“For instance, we have boosted the club financial status by making honorary members pay an annual sum of N500,000 each.”

He pleaded with the Club to lower the cost of sponsorship to enable frequent boat race that could be sponsored by willing persons to promote water sports.

The FOC pledged his support for the club and for the promotion of water sports in Nigeria, adding that he is committed to the continued coexistence of the friends of the club, particularly the host community.

While congratulating the athletes for their display of sportsmanship, the Flag Officer Commanding Western Naval Commanding said he was thrilled by the display of children who exhibited their skills in swimming and kayaking.

He said that these children should be encouraged to improve their skills and also work towards joining the Nigerian Navy to further improve their skills.

Earlier the Club Commodore Navy Captain A.F Adewuyi said that the essence of the boat race was to encourage water sports and also work towards producing athletes that will represent Nigeria in water sports.

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