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Maritime Workers Union congratulates Grimaldi for acquiring MV Great Lagos

The Maritime Workers Union of Nigeria (MWUN) under the leadership of its President-General, Comrade (Prince) Dr. Adewale Adeyanju, fnli HFCPSP, has congratulated the Managing Director of Grimaldi Shipping Company, Mr. Ascanio Ruso and his management team for acquiring ‘MV GREAT LAGOS’ which is first of its kind in Nigeria.

The ship is described as a marvel of modern engineering with functions of environmental consciousness built to meet the challenges of modern-day technology in the maritime industry.

Extoling Ruso for this acquisition, Adeyanju said : “This is suffice to say that Ascanio Ruso is one of the best maritime administrators in Nigeria, who treats workers in his employ with humane and dignity for labour.

“I wish to categorically state here again that Mr. Ascanio is a wonderful Managing Director with a human face and one of foremost employers of labour in the industry. Your blood flows with genuine intentions of fair treatment to workers’ welfare in the maritime space.

“We in the Maritime Workers Union of Nigeria congratulate you over this laudable milestone achievement. Once

again, we say congratulations Mr. Ascanio Ruso and your management team.”




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