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Royal Navy warship, HMS Trent arrives in Nigeria to support maritime security

Royal Navy Warship, HMS Trent, arrived in Nigeria on Sunday to help tackle illegal activities like piracy and trafficking. It will also undertake capacity training and support maritime security in the region, announced the British High Commission.

Onboard the warship are a team of UK Royal Marines and a Puma surveillance drone to help West African allies upgrade their defence capabilities to combat crimes at sea and promote stability in West Africa.

Maintaining peace and stability in the region is important since £6 billion of UK trade passes through here. Hence, the HMS Trent aims to increase security in the Gulf of Guinea by patrolling the gulf regularly and building cooperation with the navies of its partners.

HMS Trent’s Commanding Officer, Tim Langford, highlighted the Navy’s long history in the region and their strong ties with Nigerian armed forces. He expressed happiness in being given the opportunity to collaborate with the Nigerian Navy and carry forward this strategic relationship with Lagos.

Jonny Baxter, the UK Deputy High Commissioner in Lagos, stated that this strategic deployment shows how Britain is tackling international security threats with its partners on the world stage. He also acknowledged that Nigeria is a valued partner in West Africa.

The deployment of a UK warship in the region is a part of the initiative led by Friends of the Gulf of Guinea or FOCG. It helps nations around this important shipping route establish maritime security and promote stability in a region affected by piracy and trafficking where the rights and safety of seafarers are not guaranteed.


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