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Winning Kano, NNPP consolidating for 2027 elections – Aniebonam

 The New Nigeria Peoples Party (NNPP) has started consolidating its strategy for the next general elections, which would expectedly take place in 2027.

Briefing newsmen at the weekend in Lagos, Founder of the Party, Dr. Boniface Aniebonam, said that the party’s victory in Kano gubernatorial election was a testament to the strength of the party.

He also said that “Besides getting Kano state, we also have members of the National assembly; two senatorial seats and several House of Representatives members; effectively we have about 18 seats. We also have members in the state Assembly.”

Aniebonam, who is also the founder of the National Association of Government Approved Freight Forwarders (NAGAFF), described his party as the only victorious political party as it still enjoys its peace since the 2023 elections, unlike what other political parties are experiencing.

He said: “As it stands now, the NNPP is the most victorious political party in 2023. The reasons are obvious; in the other political parties, there is in-fighting. It is only on NNPP that you can really say there is peace and that peace is what is needed to jump-start the journey of liberation in Nigeria.”

Speaking about the party’s strategy and capacity to provide the country with good leadership, Aniebonam said: “NNPP will provide this country with the greatest leader. The problem of this country is leadership. But, once we get a proactive leader, a patriotic leader, the might of God will blossom. God has done it, but all we are witnessing is just human element barriers. God has blessed our country, we just need good leadership and all these sufferings in our country will stop.

“So the journey of New Nigeria Peoples Party (NNPP) has just started with the success story of Kano state, which is equal to winning like three states in Nigeria. The NNPP has won Kano state. And those who have been following political activities will understand that the will of the people were clearly seen in Kano state. Even when you look at the last event of the inauguration, you could see the crowd send. That showed that this is government of the people.”

The NNPP Founder also disclosed that with having a strong shot at the office of the president in 2023, the party now has a mandate within one year to reconstruct and reposition the party.

“Part of the problem we had was with time. When Sen. Kwankwaso filled in for the party’s presidential candidacy the time was against us. We had to meet the mandate in terms of the electoral guidelines.

“So, this time around, I have enough time to make sure that the right people are brought into the party throughout the Federation and I wouldn’t want to believe that the issue of finance will be so much of a problem.

“Right now, very many strategic people are making inroad into NNPP, and that shows you it is the party for the future. You know that those who plan very well start very early with what they want to achieve; I believe that by 2027 we will see how it goes,” Aniebonam said.

He clarified issues around what he called rumours that he had sold the party to the party’s presidential candidate, Senator Rabiu Kwankwaso.

“Now, I will like to clear the air because a lot of people were asking if I had sold the part to Kwankwaso. I say it now that Sen. Kwankwaso did not buy NNPP. He is the leader of the party, because he contested for president in the party; it is automatic, just as Sen. Bola Tinubu is today the leader of the APC. I will also use this opportunity to say that NNPP is not an opposition party; it is a responsible partner to other sister political parties, because the subject-matter is the goodness of Nigeria,” he said.

Aniebonam described the recent removal of the fuel subsidy by the Tinubu Administration as a courageous act, but expressed concerns that the focus should have been on tackling the corruption index in the issue.

His words: “Concerning the fuel subsidy removal, I as the founder of the NNPP, I will say leadership is about courage and followership is about service. It is all about sacrifice. I would have preferred that the corruption aspect is tackled, because it is obvious there is corruption.  And we will get it right if we all come together.

“Now that subsidy has gone, what makes us great is our capacity to recover quickly. And it is important to have the government put the information out there through the recognised media. This would manage information properly, than leaving it to social media where people would mix up issues,” Aniebonam said.

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