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Artiste’s new single ‘Fire in Nigeria’ addresses societal issues

New York based Nigerian music artiste Ibezim Okehi has finally released his much-talked about single titled ‘Fire in Nigeria.’

Excited about his work, the artiste who goes by the stage name ‘Sir IB’ shares about his inspiration for his choice of songs and why he chose the title ‘Fire in Nigeria.’

“I am a complete homeboy,” Okehi said. “Though I live in New York right now, my love for Nigeria is inborn.

“It is just natural that my heart is here. And because my heart is here, I keep abreast with happenings here in Nigeria.”

For the title ‘Fire in Nigeria’ it captures what is happening all around Nigeria; the everyday issues that ordinary Nigerians talk about, complain about and seek solutions to.

“I am happy that I can talk about these things through my music. Of course, the things that people experience today in Nigeria; the things that trouble their hearts and those things they want solutions for.

“I often speak with friends and loved ones who talk about their experiences daily in our country. And I am pleased to be home now and able to see many of these things for myself,” Okehi said.

The artiste, who is currently in Nigeria, believes that in spite of the challenges, which he thinks are not totally peculiar to Nigeria, wants people as well as government to be positive and become more about creating solutions through efforts.

He said: “You see, something is certain; you will find challenges in every society. But, it is important that the people should begin to seek out ways of finding solutions to those problems.

“I believe indeed that it is the people who are concerned that would easily find the solutions to the challenges facing them. Take for example, children who are out of school. People in the immediate community should be worried enough to seek their little ways of how the children can be in school. IF that happens, it makes it easier to get the government to act.

“I believe that the same thing applies to other areas where every day Nigerians face challenges; housing for example. Why would fellow Nigerians be on the streets when there are houses without people in them for years? Why would children be used for home-keeping in other families’ homes when they could be within their own families and get some forms of support?

“Why would government not fix water supply facilities? Or let’s even ask, why would the community not put efforts together to ensure their water supply facility is secure and working?” Let’s even push a bit further and ask why college students would be away from school for so long?”

In all, Sir IB believes in Nigeria and hopes to give his voice to issues, with the hope that Nigeria would be the beautiful, after all.

“I love Nigeria and I will see it work and work well,” Okehi said.



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