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Listen: Sambo expresses confidence port development will create massive jobs


On Maritime Reality Check today, the Hon. Minister of Transportation, Mu’Azu Jaji Sambo, who is on tour of the Eastern Ports, talks about the possibilities of massive jobs creation driven by projects in Onne Port.

Sambo is confident of results as long as the developmental projects are sustained.

Thank you for staying with us. I am Hope Orivri.


I can recollect vividly back in the 80s how this whole terminal started. Today, what I am seeing here is amazing. And it can even be awesome if we continue with the development. And we should, in the interest of more revenue for our country.

If you see something good, please say so. And I am saying what I am seeing is good, but we can make it better and we will make it better, for the sake of our teeming youths who are unemployed, simply because the jobs need to be created.

There is a potential here, for generating a lot of jobs for our youths. So, this project must honestly resume in earnest. And I will look into it immediately I go back to Abuja and you will see something positive come out of it.

About congested Lagos port

If you are able to continue with this development you will attract more cargo this and decongest Lagos. Additionally, you know Lekki port is also going to decongest Apapa and Tin-Can. So, having this development resume in earnest will help in decongesting the Lagos ports.

Part of the reason I am here in the Eastern ports, to visit the Rivers Port Complex and also to look into the issue of why the ports here are not patronised, it is an issue that has been on the table for a long time. Whatever the challenges are, we are going to address them squarely.

Part of the reasons we included in our agenda a meeting with stakeholders is to find out from them directly what the burning issues are and then we can draw up short term, medium term and long term goals for addressing them.



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