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The Gingiyas: Ummi is powerful… but the two little girls are smart too 

The Gingiyas’ comedy skits are doing great. And an interesting point for many fans is how the two little girls; Basma and Humaira, keep cooperating for victory whenever big sister Ummi shows how much she could make things happen or keep them waiting until she was ready.

But, who carries the day at last?
In “Make The Time Fly’ we see the power of negotiation play out… the girls want some food to eat immediately, but Ummi wants them to wait for as long as she watches her Tv programme.
So, Ummi shifts to a higher authority saying ” Mummy says you shouldn’t eat any food until 1pm.” But the girls opt for drinking garri (Cassava granules) to satisfy their hunger than wait for so long for a promise of fried chicken and chips.
The girls plotted what to do next when Ummi denied them an option of drinking garri.
Ummi was caught napping as both girls cooperated to quicken the time – they made the ‘time fly’ by throwing the clock as far as they could( so the time could fly). See skit here.
The attention shifts to the clock that has been destroyed.
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