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NNS KADA arrives Port of Bissau for ECOWAS stabilisation mission in Guinea Bissau

Nigerian Navy Ship (NNS) KADA on Saturday arrived at the Port of Bissau after a seven-day voyage from Lagos.

The sail to Guinea Bissau was in actualization of the Federal Government’s directive for the Nigerian Navy to convey military hardware meant for own troops in carrying out stabilization mission in Guinea Bissau.

The Commanding Officer NNS KADA being welcomed by the Nigerian Ambassador to Guinea Bissau and Cape Verde.

NNS KADA’s Ship Company was received by the Nigerian Ambassador to Guinea Bissau and Cape Verde, Amb John James, the ECOWAS representative in Guinea Bissau, Prof Hamidu Boli, and the Deputy Force Commander Colonel Antoine Kore, amongst other dignitaries.

The Nigerian Navy, in a statement on Sunday, said that at the welcoming of NNS KADA, the Ambassador expressed joy in receiving a vessel of such magnitude in Guinea Bissau.

He said that the arrival of NNS KADA to Guinea Bissau was a strong indication that Nigeria is very much concerned in the wellbeing of her counterparts in ECOWAS and Africa as whole.

Amb. John James used the opportunity to assure the citizens of Guinea Bissau that the presence of NNS KADA in Guinea Bissau was not for drumbeats of war as the public may have speculated; rather it came in a supportive role to Guinea Bissau to achieve stability, peace, order and economic development.

He reiterated that: ‘’ It does not matter whether Nigeria as a Nation has problems or not, we should always be there for our ECOWAS counterparts.’’

He, therefore, charged the Nigerian Contingents in Guinea Bissau to ensure that the delivered military hardware was used for the supportive roles which it was meant for.

Similarly, the ECOWAS representative in Guinea Bissau, Prof Hamidu Boli, thanked the Nigerian government for once again showing why she is the giant of Africa for deploying a vessel of such gigantic size to Guinea Bissau.

He added that Nigeria had always shown that she would be behind the stability and integration of ECOWAS countries; just as he appreciated Nigeria for the show of concern to all ECOWAS troubled countries.

The Commanding Officer NNS KADA, Navy Captain Reginald Adoki, also thanked the Nigerian Ambassador to Guinea Bissau and Cape Verde for the effusive reception accorded the Ships’ Company.

He disclosed that the voyage of NNS KADA with military hardware was in fulfilment of the Federal Government’s directive to transport military hardware for ECOWAS Support Stabilization Mission in Guinea Bissau.







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