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Reflecting society in Gingiyas’ comedy video skits

The Gingiyas’ comedy skits on YouTube is not just cracking your ribs with laughter, it is mirroring society in very many ways.

Created by the Gingiya siblings of four- Sadiq, Asma’u, Humaira and Basma, the short comedy series lasting between three and five minutes play around topics including society and family troubles and very funny ways of not actually addressing them.

They do well with characterization and ability of each actor to play lead character. Transition of scenes is smooth and character refection has good flavour of originality. You can appreciate what big sister got in ‘Make The Time Fly’ See here

The team no doubt deserves kudos for creativity with their space in acting out different issues. For instance, you can just imagine Sadiq’s dilemma in “If Not for Zee World.”

Sadiq plays the nice guy who works so hard but had to suffer as he is caught up in the fire of two women who demand his attention; one of the women, his boss, hides under the cover of work to always have him stay with her, while the other, his girlfriend, assumes with all authority that Sadiq must sit with her even when she wants to watch her favourite Tv programme- Zee World. Funny enough, the same Zee World gave Sadiq the guts enough to abandon her for his boss!

In ‘The School Hand-out’ the Gingiyas’ comedy show plays out how corruption moves quickly from place to place when people want to be smart and think that they only could be ‘corrupt’ , with the assumption that others are not smart. Sure, it gets out of hand and the show leaves society to think deep when someone is requesting for as huge as N500,000 from a politician to buy a 41-page subject hand-out for their child in college.

Another striking act titled “Motivational Speech Gone Wrong” leaves viewers with a charge to always help children understand what they them to take action on. The young children were literally encouraged to become very studies by ‘setting yourself on fire’ to read harder.

As much as they take the teacher’s advice serious, the message is re-enforced by their older sister who said she also “set herself on fire” to be very studious as a young child. Of course, the children were going to heed the charge they understood. Lesson learnt; give children instructions in clear terms, say it as it as simple as possible.

The Gingiyas have many more comedy skits for both entertainment and reflective of society. However, they also are encouraging others who are interested in building careers in stand-up comedy with their eBook titled “The Gingiyas Comedy Playbook Series- Book 1.



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    You can Subscribe to The Giginyas Comedy Channel by simply following this link https://youtube.com/channel/UCeO_xDNeP5o4KRCXXPkc-yQ

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