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Firm begins trade matters consultancy services at Ports  

A consulting firm, International Trade Advisory Services Limited, with expertise in customs clearing procedures and other trade matters, has opened shop to support importers, exporters and agents, with technical guides relating to regulatory compliance and more in the course of their business.

Principal Consultant/CEO, Mr. Okey Ibeke, at a briefing, told newsmen on Wednesday that the firm was established to assist importers and exporters who have different types of issues confronting them at the ports.

Ibeke said the services of the firm were also open to new entrants into import or export businesses to save them from peculiar issues which many importers and exporters suffer at the ports.

He said: “Our team of experts provides assistance in interpretation of laws/regulations, product descriptions, harmonized tariff codes, valuation, rules of origin, post clearance audit and many more, for the resolution of all import/export compliance and regulatory issues for our clients.

“We develop procedures, training modules and assessment programs to identify compliance defects, develop solutions and coordinate improvement implementation.

“We provide professional resources and broad skill sets for clients such as technical specialists, licensed customs brokers, logistics experts, project managers, accountants, lawyers, freight forwarders, and auditors.

“Our deep sense of commitment assures a win-win relationship with our clients and regulators in the international trade value chain. Our integrity and competence combine in qualifying us to deliver world class advisory services, backed by our long established relationship with Nigeria’s compliance, enforcement and regulatory agencies and the World Customs Organization.”

Ibeke advised importers and exporters who have issues concerning their goods to contact the firm for assistance.

According to him, one of the reasons why many goods are having issues at the ports was as a result of lack of knowledge on issues of compliance.

He also added that the company was ready for dispute resolution on clearly trade goods having issues at the ports as far as such goods were not contraband in which case they are not supposed to have been imported.

He said that the company was interested in ensuring that importers comply with all trade regulations, adding that this was the only way to reduce delays in release of goods as well as seizures by various customs units.

Ibeke also said his firm was against anything that will make government lose revenue at the ports due to non-compliance by importers.

He advised importers to keep away from trade malpractices such as under-declaration, concealment and under-invoicing, adding that these issues were responsible for either delays in clearing goods at the ports or seizures.

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