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Our Maritime LookBook on World Turtle Day

On this World Turtle Day, our Maritime LookBook is simply celebrating the Akassa Turtle Conservation Centre, which is being managed by Raynus Ebiegberi.

Collecting data before letting the turtle back into sea.
A turtle going back to sea in Akassa.

Over time, Raynus showed our crew just how rewarding it is, being involved with conservation of turtles in Akassa Kingdom of Bayelsa State.

He has made remarkable efforts creating awareness on the importance of conservation of turtles and the rewards to the environment, the ecosystem and in turn, for humans.

The Centre has saved hundreds of turtles that were entangled by lost fishing gears  and other marine debris, especially plastic waste polluting the marine environment.


Turtle nesting area along the sea shore in Fermosa Island, Bayelsa State.

Photo Credit: Raynus Ebiegberi.

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