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I’ve infected 133 people with HIV since my brother’s friend gave me — Twitter user

A Nigerian Twitter user: @the_afropolite, has revealed that she has infected about 115 guys and 19 girls with Human Immunodeficiency Virus.

@the_afropolite stated that she was infected with the virus by her brother’s best friend in 2016 when she was just 18.

She added that since 2017 when she tested positive, she has made it a mission to give to others what was given to her without a condom.

She wrote: “I got infected by my brother’s best man in 2016 when I was just 18.

“He was the first & only guy I had sex wit till I turned 20.

“Since Dec 2017 I tested positive, I made it my mission to give to others what was given to me, without condom.

“About 115 guys & 19 girls now & counting.”

Reacting to the tweet, another user: @seervoice, noted that men can still have sex with her and not be infected, but rather infect her with another STD that is more dangerous.

In response, @the_afropolite stated that she does not mind dying.

She wrote: “Till then. I don’t mind dying today today.

“What’s my life worth if, although a graduate, I cannot get a job bcos I’m HIV positive?

“What’s my life worth if I’ve to depend on men for every penny I make?

“What’s my life worth, if I have to take ARV drugs regularly for life?

“You think you’ve the right to call me cruel?

“If you had known Ifeanyi, my brother’s wicked friend, you would have known what cruel looks like.

“Since no Nigerian bank wants to give me, a qualified banker, a job simply bcos I’m positive, then I must continue sharing it to others.

“If a guy, girl or so-called lesbian cannot control her sexual urges, I don’t mind giving it to her hundred times over.

“Easy money for me, pleasure and then a sharing of my pains to others.

“He left cut off the relationship after promising me heaven and earth.

“Depression got to me and I failed some courses in final year.

“I only managed to make 2.1 later; this was someone who was in very high first class after third year.

“Now I’ve graduated and can’t even get a job.”

Credit: theeagleonline

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