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APM Terminals Apapa is transforming into a world-class facility — Klaus Laursen, Country Manager

APM Terminals Apapa, one of the largest container terminals in West Africa, is rapidly transforming into a world-class facility.

Country Manager Klaus Laursen, speaking in Lagos, while reviewing the performance of APM Terminals Apapa in 2021, said, “Over the past few years APM Terminals Apapa has been on a remarkable transformation journey. In APM Terminals, we have led with a strong ambition – to become a world-class terminal operator. We enable access to the jobs, products, foods, and medicine that allow creating and living a better life.

Aerial view of APM Terminals Apapa

“Here in APM Terminals Apapa, it is not just about moving boxes around. We are a heartbeat for the Nigerian local society, we create value for our customers, and we do our best to ensure that our people are here because they want to be here.”

He said the transformation of APM Terminals Apapa aims to create an engaging work environment for all stakeholders.

“However, it is a process with many elements that requires prioritization and time to mature and make sustainable changes,” he said.

The Terminal Manager of APM Terminals Apapa, Steen Knudsen said, “Now – more than ever – global trade needs efficient port operations and integrated solutions. We started a new and exciting journey in Apapa last year – a significant amount of new equipment was deployed; we are improving our facilities and we have kicked off a significant training plan for all employees across functions and levels. This journey is our transformation to international standards.

“It is important that we embrace the transformation and accept that it is a multi-year journey, which is closely linked to our values as a company and our primary objective to create value for the Nigerian economy. Transformation will offer all of us exciting new challenges, which we can all learn and grow from.”

Steen Knudsen reflected that ongoing implementation of APM Terminals global initiatives provides a strong foundation to deliver consistent and repeatable standard processes to help drive the APM Terminals strategy of becoming a world class terminal operator, enhance seamless flow of operations and increase efficiency.

“We have been putting a significant focus on employee engagement, looking into different aspects of our workforce well-being at individual, team and community levels. The focus has been on encouragement of feedback culture development, team bonding, investment into people’s personal and professional development and grooming our leadership capabilities,” Steen Knudsen said.

He said in 2022, APM Terminals Apapa will continue to invest in its people, complete the ongoing facility upgrade, strengthen its capabilities and raise its level of engagement with stakeholders.

“We are here to lead the container terminal industry forward by continuously improving and transforming the rules of the game,” he said.

APM Terminals Apapa is the largest container terminal in Nigeria. With an investment of over USD438 million in equipment, facilities and other elements of its operations over the last 15 years, the terminal has continued to introduce new innovations to help both shipping lines and landside customers achieve improved supply chain efficiency and flexibility in a cost-effective manner.


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