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Akinsoji’s thoughts: Much ado about NPA’s N89.9bn revenue remittance

By Olu Akinsoji

My thoughts on this topical issue of laudable N89.9bn remittance:

Some of us do not share in the pride of huge revenue generation because the Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA) would rather make us proud if it could demonstrate competency and capacity in investing and sustaining port development and efficiency that is comparable to the trade patronage by shipping companies.

It is a pride misplaced, when in fact NPA can generate more revenue if the terminal operators are guided (NPA exercising its Landlord status) to update facilities/modernise equipment, provide Standard Operating Procedure and documentation that will enhance ship turn round with efficient husbandry services during their stay in port, thus making our ports more efficient, friendly and attractive to shipping companies.

Let us have a comparative port to other modern ports and then our declaration of revenue will become meaningful. Presently a good percentage of the revenue is through exploitation, taxation and tariffs rather than from honourable services which is one of the major objectives of the Authority.

Let us swallow our pride, no matter how highly placed we are in authority, and present ourselves to training and orientation that will allow us to provide the type of port terminals and port administration expected of Nigeria in the comity of maritime nations.

Engr. I. Olu. Akinsoji M.Sc.,FNSE, is a member of the Nigeria Port Consultative Council; Pioneer Alternate Permanent Representative of Nigeria at IMO and one time DG-Government Inspector of Shipping.

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