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Maritime Workers Union encourages members to be vaccinated against Covid-19

The leadership of the Maritime Workers Union of Nigeria (MWUN) has called on all members of the Union to ensure that they got the Covid-19 vaccination, to stem the spread of the pandemic.

In a statement, President General of the Union, Comrade Adewale Adeyanju, gave assurances that the vaccination hadn’t any side effects as members of the leadership had been vaccinated.

He said that “To affirm our trust in the efficacy of the vaccine, the leadership of the MWUN has been vaccinated and have not experienced any negative effect as a result of taking the vaccine.

“We are therefore emboldened to say that the vaccines are safe for use, and in this wise, urge that every worker be themselves available for vaccination as this is the only way to stem the spread of the pandemic.

“Covid-19 vaccination offers a way to transit out of the pandemic and restore society to normalcy. Unfortunately, a lot of people question the efficacy of the vaccines, which has resulted in a negative public opinion on the efficiency of administering it- the vaccines.

“Nothing is more far from the truth, as scientific based reports from world class and reliable sources indicate that the vaccine is safe for use.”

Making reference to data by the World Health Organisation, on Covid-19  cases and deaths,  Adeyanju said that over three million people had died of covid-19, while there are over 114 million cases.

“The leadership of the Maritime Workers Union of Nigeria (MWUN) notes that since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic as declared by the World Health Organisation(WHO) in March 2020  the virus has claimed over 3 million lives globally, with over 114 million cases being g confirmed by laboratory tests(March 2021).”

He noted that with the immense change in socialising as a result of the pandemic, it had become relieving knowing that the vaccines are very helpful and are about 94-95  per cent effective.

“The pandemic has impacted negatively on almost every facet of human life, causing global economies to stall, changing the way we work and affecting our relationships with people and families and stretching health care system to breaking point.

“It is quite a relief that scientific research fortunately gave rise to the production of vaccines, which are 94-95% effective and these figures have proven true in clinical and trial studies of those at high risk and the elderly.



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