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Maritime LookBook: In Akassa Kingdom, the children are learning all about sea life

Coordinator of the Akassa Turtle Conservation Centre, Raynus Ebiegberi, actually made this edition of the #MaritimeLookBook very exciting.

He shares a gallery of photographs with us, showing the very remarkable work that the Akassa Development Foundation is doing, facilitating the teaching of students at the Akassa Clan Women Nursery and Primary School.

No doubt, the students have been exposed to so much education on the marine ecosystem and they have been having practical sessions on how they can support natural defences against coastal erosion. And guess what? They understand the importance of marine life conservation – with giant marine turtles that they have a rear privilege of seeing, always!


A teacher with the pupils at the shore along Akassa beach.


A turtle going back to sea in Akassa.
Teachers facilitating learning in the school.
Coordinator of the Akassa Turtle conservation Centre, Raynus Ebiegberi (Right) with friends at a seminar on marine life conservation.
Graduating Class 2021

Women of Akassa Clan
High School students in Akassa kingdom

Free uniforms from friends in the UK.
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  1. Pamela says

    It’s the practical sessions for me. A huge step forward from the usual theoretics.. Love this Lookbook. That’s on giant turtle there.

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