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New Shippers’ Council Chief Executive solicits staff support

The newly appointed Executive Secretary of Nigerian Shippers’ Council (NSC), Mr. Emmanuel Jime, has solicited for support and cooperation of his members of staff to drive the agency.

Jime made the call when he assumed duty at the Abuja liaison office of NSC on Monday.

His words: “I’m truly excited to have this wonderful opportunity to offer yet another set of service to our nation in this capacity.

“Since the announcement of my appointment, I have taken the time to do a little bit of some work on our agency.

“And the first thing I will like to say is that I’m convinced that the Shippers’ Council has one of the most technically proficient and efficient members of staff, which ultimately makes this job one of the easiest assignment that I may have ever handled.

“Wherever I have been, I have always made sure of the input of those who have the institutional knowledge of the agencies that i work with.

“It is very important as a driving motive as to how I am able to execute with the responsibility of any office, this challenge is no different.

“Once I am convinced, as I am already that there is a ground staff that with hands on knowledgeable, then again,  I say that this job will be easy because I am going to be absolutely,  totally dependent on your support.

“And I will like to sue for your cooperation; I will like to ask for your collaboration, I will like to ask for your help.

“There is no way that any chief executive is going to be successful unless and until you have a motivated staff that is willing to support you.’’

Jime said Mr. Hassan Bello, NSC’s past chief executive, left “a very big shoe’’, in terms of the achievements he recorded.

“What that means for me therefore is that I have my work cut out for me.

“I must not only step into Bello’s shoes but I have the determination to exceed it.

“But like I said, I’m not able to do anything unless I have your full support.

“And I am confident, I am trusting that we will work together as a team in this family.”

“So I come in peace, I come with the determination,  I come with the desire to replicate the achievements of my predecessors but I also come with the determination that we should take this agency to its limit the ambit of our capacities.(NAN)


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