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Listen: Maritime workers’ welfare is priority- Comrade Adeyanju


Today on the “Maritime Reality Check” series, the President General of the Maritime Workers’ Union, Comrade Adewale Adeyanju , expresses worry over how some industry stakeholders treat the issue of welfare of the maritime worker, be they dockworkers or those under the shipping chapter and others.

But, the President General believes necessary action must be taken to correct some challenges he sees as disturbing because, they deny the average maritime worker what is rightfully due them.

Adeyanju shares his thoughts on having dockworkers work in very dehumanizing work environment in some terminal, where the workers had yet been given personal protective equipment, even in the face of the Covid-19 safety scare.

He addresses the issue of the refusal by some private jetty owners to allow designated stevedoring operators and cleared dockworkers access to spaces that had been allotted to them.

“The Union will not accept impunity of any sort,” Adeyanju says, as he adds that importantly, members of the Union would not be left to be subjected to inequality.

A key concern had been that of the need to dredge the Calabar port channel, which was supposed to have been dredged to facilitate more economic activities, to enable for ease of vessels.

On that note, Adeyanju appeals to the Management of the Nigerian Ports Authority to address the matter urgently, in order to solve the problem of congestion at the Lagos Port, also at the Port Harcourt Port.



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