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Life At Sea: Capt. Neziayan’s Top 3 Keynotes for young seafarers

#1. Keynote

A Seafarer must never be drunk

#2. Keynote

A seafarer must obey instructions from constituted authorities

#3. Keynote

You must be consciously committed to your duties


When the storms at sea welcomed Chris Neziayan, he understood that life at sea was not all rosy as he had thought, as a young cadet in 1974. Until then, he enjoyed the juice of going to sea- a different world!

The voyage from Liverpool, UK to Netherlands started well. Then, the weather changed and the ship, which did not have any cargo on board was tossed by the storm, sweeping everything in sight off their feet. Good, they survived and the ship became quite stable after they got to port and loaded the ship with cargo.

Just like yesterday, Captain Neziayan remembers the merriment that came with their arrival back in Apapa Port in Lagos, Nigeria, as family and loved ones came to welcome them.

As he shares his experiences on life at sea, he recalls the ‘big deal’ of a voyage to Tokyo, Japan, and much more.



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